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Professional text formulation, transcription and translation, London-based but working globally.

We are the service of choice when you need support from someone with an exceptional command of English. We carry out secretarial and text improvement services and Dutch to English translation for clients in the UK and worldwide. 

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Our range of services

Textpertise – Tell us what you want to write and we’ll help you write it
You need to write a document saying things that are really important but can’t seem to formulate it yourself. Textpertise can help! Assisting people since 1979, even highly articulate people, we can help with everything from writing that optimum CV or personal statement to describing products, services, processes, procedures and diagnoses, formulating arguments for use in courts and tribunals or making sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot when submitting academic work by checking that it’s written correctly and logically.
When it comes to transcriptions of recordings, we handle most analogue and digital recording formats and can still process most Dictaphone and cassette tapes.
Textpertise Translations – Ranked top in Europe for Dutch to English
At Textpertise Translations, we'll translate any text from Dutch to English. With experience since 1970, we can deal with almost any specialist area, including medicine, law, technology and government regulations. We’ve been featured on the most reputable international translator website as the highest ranking Dutch to English translators in Europe.

Our secretarial and translation experience spans many fields including:

  • Medicine and clinical trials 
  • Law
  • Nursing, dentistry and forensic psychiatry
  • Science and technology
  • Surveying/construction and architecture
  • Social policy and social work
  • Education and training
  • Mathematics and accountancy
  • Business and public relations
Secretarial Services Translation Services
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For professional text consultancy from Textpertise or 
top-rated Dutch to English translations 
from Textpertise Translations, call
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